Sunday, March 28, 2010

Favourite TV Shows - #2.

French and Saunders

"Who is Victoria Wood, anyway?"

Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders. Two extraordinarily talented funny women who make me love them and admire then, and then hate them because I am not them.

Britney and Madonna have nothing on them.

So, why? Well, there's the sketch show:

There's also this:

Absolutely Fabulous

and this:

The Vicar of Dibley

and these:

Girls On Top

Let Them Eat Cake

Jam & Jerusalem

and this is where it all began:

The Comic Strip Presents, a rather brilliant series of various themes and satires. 5 Go Mad, Bad News, The Supergrass, Strike...

Plus, do not forget all the work they do for Comic Relief. Harry Potter and Mammia Mia, anyone?

No movie or celebrity gets out unscathed; Their parodies are just excellently observed and there are so many nuances and references in most sketches that I fear go unnoticed by a lot of people.

Seeing them live in 2009 was just fantastic. MEETING THEM afterwards was just... well, a dream. I think I may have been having an out of body experience, with only the photos and signatures to prove it actually happened.
Both very nice and English, plus extraordinarily beautiful and Jennifer's soft velvet buttery skin has to be touched to be believed.

Dawn just looks drunk, unless she's eaten too much chocolate

Sadly, they have "retired" the sketch show after 20 years, choosing to focus on other projects, both together and separately, just like they always have. Comic Relief comes around every two years (next one in 2011), and there's always hope for new material.